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The Cordoba Update
January 2023
On the tenth anniversary since the start of the Tunisian revolution
CPI-Geneva interview with Maher Zoghlami, Sociology researcher, Tunisia
Dépolarisation idéologique en Afrique du Nord
par Abbas Aroua, janvier 2021
Lessons Learned from the Experiences of Dialogue and Collaborative Work
between Islamist and Secularists in Tunisia
February 2018
Sufism, Politics and Violence: Reading Notes
September 2017

North Africa

Alleviating polarizations and tensions occurring at the intersection of world views and politics and particularly those involving political actors with different worldviews and frames of reference across this region.

Middle East

Addressing polarizations and tensions among Muslim actors with different religious references in the local contexts of Middle Eastern countries.


Revitalizing intra-Islamic dialogue, promoting peaceful coexistence between communities of different ethnic, cultural and religious affiliation.

Preventing Extremism and Violence

Reducing violent extremism among Muslim youth in the MENA and Sahel regions by raising awareness of the Islamic discourse.

Cordoba Peace Institute - Geneva

« The Cordoba Peace Institute - Geneva is an independent, non-affiliated Swiss non-governmental non-profit organization working on
violence prevention, conflict transformation and peace promotion »