Middle East

The Middle East Program is dedicated to addressing sectarian intra-Muslim tensions in the Middle East, as the CFG maintains that intra-Muslim polarizations and tensions are obstacles to inclusive and peaceful societies in the Middle East. These tensions threaten the social fabric and prevent reforms and smooth transitional paths or reconciliation processes.

In its preliminary phase (2015-2017) and in view of the sensitivity of the topic, different geographic areas were explored and meetings following the methodology of the “safe mediation space” were implemented at regional as well as national levels. A network of peace actors has been identified and trained in conflict transformation mechanisms and several ideas for peace initiatives have been discussed.

The overall goal of CFG’s activities in the Middle East is to contribute to non-violent conflict transformation processes with key Muslim actors with different religious references in local contexts.

In the second phase (2017-2019), in addition to regional activities gathering actors from different countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen), the CFG is engaged in operational projects in Iraq and Lebanon.

– Middle East Platform I
– Middle East Platform II
– Lebanon
– Iraq