9th Nyon Process Meeting, January 2013

9th Nyon Process Meeting, January 2013

The Ninth Nyon Process Meeting, 
Cordoba, 21st-23rd January 2013


The Ninth Nyon Process Meeting, hosted by the Casa Arabe, was held in Cordoba from the 21st-23rd January. The Ninth Nyon Process once again brought together a diverse range of participants from across the Middle East, the Gulf, North Africa, Europe and the US. Such varied participation allowed for an honest discussion to take place on the current challenges facing the region. Over the course of the Meeting a considerable array of topics were discussed, including: the continuing challenge of changing Western perceptions of the region; practical ways to support the democratic transitions in Tunisia and Egypt; the challenge of establishing citizenship in the region; the different perceptions of France’s recent intervention in Mali; an analysis of the ongoing situation in Syria and the vital need for new initiatives to restart the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process, with a particular focus on the importance of Palestinian unity.

Not only were established relationships strengthened and deepened but the Ninth Nyon Process was also broadened to include several new participants who contributed valuable new perspectives.

Source: www.forwardthinking.org/?p=1426

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