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Why Support The Foundation


Since 2002 the Cordoba Peace Institute - Geneva has worked to promote constructive dialogue and peace in and with the Arab and Muslim Worlds. This work has never been more urgent.

As an independent NGO without any permanent institutional funding, we rely on private donations to implement our projects. In the light of current developments worldwide, the Foundation is more and more solicited, often by partners who are unable to fund their own mediation or peace-building efforts. Your donation will help us to answer these requests for the implementation of projects promoting peace and empowering people with the knowledge and experience of conflict transformation practices and tools.




Our mission is to promote dialogue and empower people for the prevention of violence and for peaceful conflict transformation in societies where Muslims live.

The spirit of the Institute and its vision

The name of the Institute recalls the spirit of enlightenment and mutual respect that ruled in 10th-century Cordoba, called the "Capital of the Spirit", which remains an almost unique model for dialogue between civilisations and the cross-fertilisation of ideas and learning.

Our vision is of a peaceful world in which societies where Muslims live address conflict in a non-violent manner.

What we do

The Cordoba Peace Institute - Geneva (CPI) is an independent non-profit organization working on peace promotion. We focus on tensions and polarisations in all societies where Muslims live and aim to enhance theoretical and practical conflict transformation resources in Muslim majority countries.

Where we work

The CPI has programmes in progress in the Sahel region (Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria), West Asia (Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria), and North Africa (Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) and is currently launching a new programme that aims to encourage the coexistence and diversity in Europe through a conflict transformation approach (Belgium, France, Hungary, Switzerland).

Our main programmes

  • Addressing the challenges to peaceful transition in North Africa and West Asia (NAWAT program)
  • Encouraging peaceful interaction between communities in the Sahel (Sahel program)
  • Preventing Violent Extremism in North Africa, West Asia and the Sahel (PVE program)
  • Addressing Sunni – Shia tensions in the Arab World (ME program)
  • Transforming conflict in the humanitarian field (HUMED program)
  • Encouraging coexistence and diversity in Europe through a conflict transformation approach (Islam in Europe program)


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