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The Cordoba Peace Institute - Geneva (CPI) is an independent non-profit organisation, working on violence prevention and peace promotion. We aim to enhance theoretical and practical conflict transformation resources, using our unique expertise in Islam and conflict transformation. We promote a methodology adapted to and accepted by local communities, conflict parties and peace actors. Since 2002, we have developed unique access and networks in the countries where we work and have Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.

The identity of our Institute is linked to the Andalusian city of Cordoba: a renowned medieval centre of inter-faith cultural, intellectual and linguistic cross-fertilisation, and with Geneva: a modern centre of international dialogue and exchange between peoples.


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The CPI has a small multi-cultural team in Geneva and the field, with a variety of backgrounds and experience. We are guided by our core values of non-violence, inclusiveness, impartiality, empathy and independence.

ميثاق المعهد

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In collaboration with a large and talented pool of consultants and researchers throughout the regions where we work, the CPI currently works in the following themes related to peace promotion and violence prevention:

  • Addressing ideological tensions in North Africa;
  • Addressing intra-religious Islamic tensions in the Middle East;
  • Encouraging peaceful interaction between communities in the Sahel;
  • Preventing violence and extremism in the MENA and Sahel;
  • Transforming conflicts in the humanitarian field;
  • Promoting social cohesion, peaceful coexistence and positive interaction in Europe;
  • Building the capacities of media workers in peace promotion through journalism;
  • Promoting non-violent change and good governance.

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