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This course introduces methodologies for designing mediation and/or negotiation processes, with a view to transforming conflicts. This course develops participants’ skills in conflict analysis through practical exercises. Using case studies, it explores conflict-sensitive approaches to the participant identification, logistical organisation and identifying issues, which form the foundation of any mediation and/or negotiation process. The course also develops practical skills in culturally-sensitive programming using real-world cases from the MENA, Sahel and Europe regions.


The aim of this training course is to equip participants with:
• Foundational knowledge of mediation and/or negotiation process design;
• Applied skills in conflict analysis;
• Practical understanding of the foundations of a mediation and/or negotiation process;
• Understanding the nuances of mediation and/or negotiation processes;
• Practical ideas for culturally-appropriate approaches to conflict transformation.


Researchers and/or professionals who have an existing background in mediation and/or negotiation and who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical approaches to inclusive and participative approaches to mediation and/or negotiation process design.


This course can be combined with training in Mediation and/or Negotiation.


This training course includes expert input, group-work, case studies and group discussions.


Course length: 1 day
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Tuition fee: 350 CHF
Course size: 10-20 participants


For more information about this training course, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.