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About Us

Who are we?

Conflict Transformation

We endeavour to transform the relationships between parties to conflict, to minimize the use of violence. We encourage them to deal with direct, structural and cultural causes of conflict.

Collective Shared Knowledge

In our reports and papers, we ensure that the analyses, conclusions and recommendations issued are shared by a diverse panel of actors from different backgrounds.


We empower parties to conflict and enhance their capacity to analyse conflicts and to master non-violent approaches to dealing with them.

Safe Mediation Space

We provide safe mediation spaces to enable parties to conflict to interact directly with the “other” in a protected and respectful atmosphere. Our facilitation role in a mediation process includes identifying key issues to be addressed, organising face-to-face meetings and maintaining a channel of communication between parties.


We use dialogue as a means of arriving at practical solutions to problems, which can be jointly-implemented by conflict parties (this is known as “diapraxis”). Our experience shows that developing shared actions in an inclusive way goes further in building trust between diverse actors.

Conflict Analysis

We undertake extensive, thorough desk and field research in the early stages of a project, and consistent follow-up throughout our activities. This research helps us develop knowledge and networks that ensure the credibility and acceptability of our processes and projects.

Building Trust

Our experience has shown the importance of building confidence and trust with all parties; particularly with “credible” actors. The success of our work depends on an atmosphere of common trust and shared goals. We take time to ensure that our interlocutors are convinced of the genuineness of our intentions in each project.